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The Road To A Healthier You

Since the beginning of my career, I have been steadfast in my belief that collaborating with patients is one of the most effective ways to improve their overall health and quality of life. In addition to gathering an in-depth history, I believe that the best way to meet your health goals is by helping you understand your diagnosis and offer some guidance on ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. Click the relevant links below to explore important information on age appropriate health screenings and prevalent medical diagnosis.  


Living With Diabetes

Diabetes is a health condition that affects how our bodies react to the amount of glucose, or sugar in our blood stream.

High Blood Pressure

Most of the time, high blood pressure (hypertension) has no obvious symptoms to indicate that something is wrong. The best way to protect yourself is by being aware of the risks and making changes that matter.

High Blood Pressure
Appointment 101

Prepping For Your Appointment 101

Have you ever left a medical appointment then realized while you were on your way home or falling asleep in bed that you forgot to ask your provider the one question you’ve been waiting to ask for months?


A mammogram is an x-ray image taken of the breast to check for breast cancer in men and women.

Breast Cancer Screening
Weight Health

Weight health is important. If you look good you feel good. When your body weight increases so does your health risk. Conditions such as heart disease, strokes, circulation impairment, decreased fertility, depression, anxiety and many other conditions become more prevalent, especially in minority populations.

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